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Enter the Void

Appropriating Urban Spaces To Underground Youth Culture

The project Enter the Void (ETV) invites 30 international experts from the fields of youth, (sub-)culture, and city making to investigate the role of music and free spaces for young people in their self-organized cultural, social and political participation. The exchange takes place between the four European capital cities of Berlin, Budapest, Amsterdam and Riga from 2016-2017. In 2017, an additional base was opened in Ramallah, Palestine. Beyond this network, Enter the Void was taken to 16 cities worldwide to host activities and expand the exchange.

The project aims to set up a dialogue between young people and decision makers, flanked by multi-disciplinary experts, to facilitate the access of young actors of music-related underground culture to urban space. The project enables the exchange of international examples of good practice and aims to spark conrete action in the form of local satellite projects, informing ETV as content laboratories.

The project's approach is radical. It is designed to not only reach pre-affiliated target groups but specifically young people from underground cultural scenes with a very critical posture and, in part, active defiance towards institutional democracy. We believe that critique is what brings life to democracy. And we believe that to reclaim democracy is, by far, a more subversive project than fighting it.

Thus, ETVS's central task is to improve participation of young, non-conformist cultural actors in the city – and it takes on its task at the very root. All project activities are lead by such young actors aged under 30 and empowered by established partners.


ENTER THE VOID is not just a claim - it’s has become a network for consulting scene communities and policy-makers in different countries. An insight into our the ETV network's themes, approaches and capacities can be taken from our publication, the Zine. The project results will furthermore inform the EU Youth Strategy through its incorporation in Structured Dialogue.

For current information, please visit our Facebook page or contact

Check out the ENTER THE VOID Zine:

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Enter the Void is a project by Kulturersatz e.V. in collaboration with Clubcommission Berlin, Black Rabbit Collective, Night Mayor of Amsterdam, Auróra Budapest and Free Riga. It is generously co-financed by the european Erasmus+ program.

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